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About David Siteman Garland
Professional Problem-Solver, Business Grow-er & Award-Winning Entrepreneur

David Siteman Garland’s philosophy is money follows passion and not the other way around (and he loves working with those who feel the same).

David is the founder of The Rise To The Top (sold in 2021) and co-founder of Nrdly.

He serves as a business consultant & (professional problem-solver and business grow-er) as the head of Siteman Garland Consulting.

A lifelong entrepreneur, David has been a pioneer in the online media, marketing and entrepreneurial world. He was one of the first podcasters and video podcasters hosting the “The Rise To The Top” interview show (which had over 100,000 weekly viewers).

David was an early adapter to the world of online courses and turned it into a successful brand and business beginning in 2009 inspiring and teaching over 5,000 students in 100 countries.

He has launched and operated four successful companies in four different industries which ended up being purchased, merged or continue to grow. David’s greatest business success was bootstrapping his company from 0 to 10 million in sales with a focus on excellent customer service, creativity and innovative thinking.

In addition, David has worked with a variety of corporate sponsors (and has sold over $500,000 in sponsorships).

Recognized for his problem-solving abilities, growth strategies and entrepreneurial mind with a philosophy of keeping things simple, reaching the proper customers and maximizing revenue, David has been hired by a wide variety of companies to offer his insights (ranging from Google to Cupcake Trainings).

David lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife and two kids. He is an extremely passionate slow pitch softball player (and owns and manages a high-level team: Siteman Softball) and a sports & fitness fanatic. 

His charitable work includes Siteman Cancer Center, Stella’s Wish, Children’s Hospital, SafeBae & Special Spaces.

He has been featured in numerous media outlets from Forbes to Inc. Magazine (including #938 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies) and is the author of two books.

“Money follows passion and not the other way around” – David Siteman Garland

Interested in working with David Siteman Garland and the Siteman Garland Consulting team? To see if there is a fit, contact us to begin a conversation.